Joint Formula

Joint/ Bone Wellness

Contains 60 Vegetable Capsules made in a GMP certified facility


Adults: 1 to 2 capsule twice daily, preferably with water or as directed by physician.

Children: 1 capsule twice daily, preferably with water or as directed by physician.

Side Effects and special precautions: No known side effects have been observed during its traditional use.

MRP : ₹ 899


What is Joint Formula ?

Joint formula is made from a combination of four herbs, (Shallaki, Guggul, Sonth and Haridra) which are known in Ayurveda to alleviate Vata aggravations, considered as the primary cause for aching joints, and other inflammatory conditions. Joint formula combo are effective in providing relief to these conditions.

What ingredients are used in Joint Formula ?


Shallaki botanical name “Boswellia serrata”, is a valued herb in Ayurveda and has been described by three great Scholars in their respective texts, namely Maharishi Charaka, Maharishi Susruta and Maharishi Vagabhata, in detail on its Vata pacification properties. In Sanskrit it was referred to as “Gajabhakshya”, implying that elephants ate this as part of their diet. Two specific vikars are mentioned in Ayurveda which arise due to aggravated Vata (Vatavyadhi), and go on to affect joints and cartilage causing pain and suffering Sandhigata vata: Also recognised today as Osteoarthritis, occurs due to aggravated Vata. It leads to immobility due to swelling of joints. Shallaki provides relief in this condition.
Aamavata: recognised as Rheumatoid Arthritis, occurs as a result of weak digestive fire (Agni), which leads to accumulation of toxins (Ama) specifically in the joints. Shallaki provides relief to the pain and swelling caused in the joints.


Guggulu is the “fragrant gum resin”, which is used in the worship of Bhagwan Shiva. The resin is the main ingredient used in Ayurvedic preparations and is obtained by, tapping the Guggul (Commiphora Wighti) tree, in much the same way as maple syrup. The word Guggulu in Sanskrit is explained as “Gujo Vyadher Gudhati Rakshatiti” meaning the herb that protects the body from diseases. Ayurveda gives guggulu special importance because of its role as a “yogavahi”, meaning that it can carry other substances deep into the tissues. Therefore, guggul is mostly prescribed with other Ayurvedic ingredients to help balance the three doshas. , Guggul must be purified before assimilating into formulations, by a process called “Shodhan”. Therefore Guggul is used in Joint formula not only as a “Yogavahi”, but it also contributes directly by alleviating the vata dosha in particular. Its Cleansing qualities help remove “Ama” toxins from the tissues especially from the joints, this decreases pain and improves mobility by rejuvenating the surrounding nerves.


Fresh ginger is called adrak or shringavera.  Dry ginger is called Sonth or Nagara, and has different properties than fresh ginger. The multiple uses of Sonth and its properties has given it the name Vishvabheshaja, which translates into, universal medicine. Sonth is effective in balancing Vata and
acts as a natural pain killer. Sonth contains anti-inflammatory properties and acts deep on the tissue level, which is capable of soothing the tense muscles and relieving them of any soreness, pain or inflammation. Therefore its action is of a natural reliever of joint pains.


Haridra is a Sanskrit word for turmeric, meaning “the yellow one” which refers to the golden goddess “Gauri”. Haridra has multiple medicinal properties, the most well known is its action as a powerful anti-inflammatory herb. The active ingredient in turmeric is called “curcumin”, and has become the subject of
many studies in the recent past. In India, Haridra has been used for thousands of years by Sadhus and Yogi’s especially to assist in their sadhana and Yoga which consist of difficult postures and asanas. Haridra’s anti-inflammatory “guna”, properties keep their ligaments and tendons free from damage and allowed them to pursue rigorous routines with the help of haridra. Therefore this carefully selected combo of four is highly effective in all kinds of inflammatory conditions that arise due to Rheumathoid Arthritis, Osteo-Arthritis, joint pains and swellings.



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