Nitya Naturals is a Baidyanath group company, created primarily for exports under the leadership of the President of Baidyanath. Nitya Naturals sold its products in America since 2006 under its brand “Age Ayurveda”. Age Ayurveda is a concept derived from the ancient Ayurvedic text of sage “Vagbhatta”, now concised in a book called “Age According to Ayurveda”. To meet the rise in global demand a range of Dietary Supplements were launched. The brand represented the highest quality and efficacy in modern presentations. Since then Nitya Naturals has been private labeling for many brands in Europe, Africa also.

Covid-19 – India

This pandemic has made us also revisit our original focus, in the light of which the management has decided to launch these products in the domestic market of India. We propose to serve our nation by offering a comprehensive range of Immunity boosters currently in sale in Europe at a subsidized cost for our citizens. Our range is in conformity with the statements of our Prime Minister’s advice as opined by the Ayush Ministry and subsequently wetted by the top 17 Vaidyas of India.

Our State of the Art Manufacturing Facility

Nitya Naturals Private Limited is a private labeling and contract manufacturing company as well as the export division of Baidyanath Ayurveda Naini. Nitya Naturals is backed by the pioneers of Ayurveda, since 1917 and also headed by the President of Baidyanath.

We are a research-based organization and our GMP certified facility is equipped with modern machinery and the staff is trained by US FDA covering 21CFR210, 21CFR 214, ICH Q7 & ISO 9001:2008. Nitya Naturals has been manufacturing Herbal Dietary Supplements for brand owners for the last 15 years and has helped people throughout the globe with its ayurvedic medicines/dietary supplements/ herbal supplements.

Origin of Our Logo

The Shri Yantra is a diagram formed by interlocking nine triangles radiating from a dot. A Geometric pattern, which has similarities to our bodies, the basic building material in our bodies is a triangle, molecular arrangements is also in a triangle.This is the most powerful symbol that brings spiritual and material wealth to an individual. The three A,s of Age Ayurveda represent these triangles and manifest themselves onto the logo representing the importance of balancing the three doshas in the shape of triangles. The ultimate symbol that pushes the negative energy away from you and your surroundings.

Age According to

In India, Jaipur’s Rajmata Gayatri Devi, (born may 23, 1919), has done it all in style, From being voted as one of the most beautiful women in the world by vogue magazine to being the first Indian politician to enter-the Guiness Book of World Records, for winning by the largest margin. She also founded one of India’s most prestigious Girls School. Once while being asked about her beauty, she replied “Thank you for the compliment but I have never felt beautiful, I remember as a young girl, my mother had to literally force me into applying lipstick, physical appearance doesn’t bother me, it never has it never will”

Now as the years have gone by the Rajmata has carried herself gracefully into the 80’s emanating the inner beauty at every age, that was the reason I thought that there would be none more appropriate to adorn the cover of this book. When Sanjay Singh Badnor conveyed to me that the Rajmata had given her approval for her photograph to be used in this book my joy knew no bounds. I shall be ever grateful for her blessings.

This book is made up of two sections. Section I illustrates the evolvement of the concept of “Age Ayurveda” which identifies the natural loss of biological factors at different decades.

Section II of this book explains the biology of aging according to the ancient ayurvedic texts, specifically the one explained by Acharya Vagbhatta (700 A.D). The emphasis is given to the aspects of natural aging as opposed to untimely aging, plus measures required to prevent it with the use of Rasayanas (Herbal preparations). It also compares the various modem theories of aging in existence today.

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Age Ayurveda will be back soon with more updates and products in the meantime write to us your queries and concerns and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

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