Sexual Wellness

Contains 60 Vegetable Capsules made in a GMP certified facility


Men: 1 to 2 capsule twice daily, preferably with water or as directed by physician.

Side Effects and special precautions: No known side effects have been observed during its traditional use.

MRP : ₹ 1199.00



First choice of Vaidyas, for sexual health issues


  • addresses erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation issues
  • balances hormones, supporting optimum sexual health.
  • Maximizes sperm count and motility
  •  Supports libido and energy levels

SHILAJIT – has a naturally occurring multi-constituent structure of more than 84 minerals. Vaidyas proclaimed shilajit as the “Destroyer of Weakness”. It is a herbo-mineral rasaaushadhi, used for centuries. Ayurveda refers shilajit as a ‘rasayana’ which means a rejuvenator. The presence of fulvic acid and humic acid contributes in anti-aging activities, it is also has powerful adaptogenic and aphrodisiac properties. Ayurveda has used shilajit to support the optimum sexual drive by stimulating the libido augmenting  energy levels. Other issues like premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, are also addressed by Shilajeet. It can stimulate the production of sperm and increase the sperm count significantly, sometimes up to 62 percent.  Effective in addressing impotency and sperm motility, which is the ability of the sperm to move towards an egg, which can be increased up to 50. Phytotherapy Research claims shilajit can boost testosterone levels in healthy men at almost 20 percent.


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